dance artist / choreographer / PhD

Featured Works


explorations of contact and connections / ongoing project in collaboration with Alejandro Flores Monroy


ongoing multidisciplinary art project that combines algorithmic poetry, dance improvisation, crowed sourced data and machine learning

BOXED UP! 2018

unboxing the stereotypes of a dancer /gender / genre / shape /age/ 


contesting the scripts of womanhood through plurality of personhoods

My Work


In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects directing, choreographing and consulting. I have over 18 years of experiences in the artistic field, and 10 years of executive experience as an entrepreneur and CEO. I can assist you in finding new ways of communicating and creating.

Work With Me

My skills and specialties include creative and artistic concepts design, choreographic services, and creative thinking couching and materials for individuals, groups and companies alike. I am especially talented in finding ways to inspire people to look for alternative approaches.


My featured works showcase various projects I have created throughout my career. My current ongoing projects include for example multidisciplinary Textual Motion Project and creativity training service Monday My Love. You can read my full curriculum here.

About Me

Pleasure to meet you! I’m a dance artist, creative director, entrepreneur and Doctor of Philosophy. I am also an endlessly curious thinker and doer, whose passion is to explore the interfaces of art, science and business.

My work includes artistic directing, consulting and developing new ideas and widening horizons. I work with both independent art projects and businesses interested in exploring creative methods in their daily operations.

My forte is managing large scale entireties, ability to see solutions instead of problems and capacity to get inspired and inspire others to think outside the box.

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