las huellas debajo de mi piel

Las huellas debajo de mi piel (the tracks below my skin) is a documentary audiovisual dance art project by Hanna-Maija Pääkkönen.

The piece takes a stand on hidden abuse in interpersonal relationships. It makes visible and concretises the marks of psychological violence, bringing together motion, sound and visual embodiment of invisible wounds.

The artists aims to validate, bring visual and concretize the often ignored or even dismissed experiences of women who have suffered hidden abuse in their intimate relationships.

Thirteen women of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, living in the capital area of Finland, took part on the project. They shared their stories of their journey and experiences. Some of them have left the abusive relationship, some of them still live through it. Their voices, interpreted by Pääkkönen, form the core of the art piece under construction.

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