moi, hola, hi

I am Hanna-Maija, contemporary artist and ethnographer. I currently work as a freelance artist and the director of Textual Motion Company . I am especially interested in community art, digitalization, feminist art and bringing art to multiple audiences.

I have a worked both in Europe as in Latin America. Born in Finland, raised in Finland and Nicaragua, I am multicultural and deeply intrigued of the human nature, and how human beings organize their world.

Having a PhD from Cultural Studies, my work as an artist often combines multidiciplinary approaches and ongoing social discussions.

For me both art and research are ultimately ways of organizing, understanding and reflecting the world around us. As an artist, I conclude, explain and tell stories though movement, text or visuals, and as a researcher I do the same with words. Both aim to produce knowledge, express and investigate our surroundings, and sometimes make declarations.

If you feel that your project could benefit from may participation don’t hesitate to contact me!

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